Astrology Forecast for April 2023


March was a big month astrologically:  Saturn and Pluto both changed signs, starting big energy shifts that, in Pluto's case, we'll feel for over 2 decades! 

April is another eventful month: it brings the eclipse season, and the first retrograde of 2023. Yes, Mercury will turn retrograde on April 21...

First Two Weeks of April Are Your Best Bet:

The first 2 weeks of April bring strong Aries energies, with the Sun and Jupiter both in Aries.  Don't miss the annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction on April 11! It's one of most optimistic days of the year.  The energy of expansion and abundance is high in the skies, as is the energy of courage and new beginnings.

Mars is in Cancer throughout April, and that brings a good dose of tenacity, to help you move your projects forward.  Avoid passive-aggressive behaviours though! It's also a good opportunity to pay attention to what angers you. Are there any emotional triggers to work through?

If there are any new projects you need to start, or big decisions you need to make, do it in the first 2 weeks of April. (Watch out for April 3, when Mercury clashes with Pluto.  Don't get into power struggles; they won't be constructive).

Aries Season is the time to focus on living our best lives and creating a path to make that happen, and the first 2 weeks of April have many supportive energies for that.

Eclipse Season Starts and Mercury Turns Retrograde

As of April 14, we will be heading into the eclipse season, and Mercury will be slowing down in the skies, getting ready to turn retrograde.  The energy will become too erratic, unpredictable and error-prone.

Eclipses affect all of us to a degree.  If you find yourself edgier than usual, and your decision-making not as reliable, it’s because eclipses pack a powerful punch of de-stabilizing energy. 

The eclipse season will last from April 14 to May 11. And, the eclipse axis is starting to shift into Aries-Libra, although we'll still have a pair of eclipses in Taurus-Scorpio this year.  

When eclipses shift into another pair of signs, they start energizing a brand-new area.  Pay attention to the themes that emerge globally and for you personally around April 19/20, give or take a week.  They could be foreshadowing the themes we'll be experiencing for the next 2 years. 

Traditional astrology recommends avoiding major decisions during the eclipse season. New information can come to life that will change your course anyway - and I've found it to be true on several occasions! 

It’s a great energy for those comfortable with risk though: eclipses open a portal that can propel you years into the future, as far as your goals go. But, the eclipse energy is also very unstable. There may be many twists and turns, and the outcome may not be quite what you expect.

Now let's look at each week in detail. 

Note that all the dates I mention are for Pacific to Eastern time.  The energies I mention peak on those dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance.

April 1 - 9: 

The star of the show this week is a healing Full Moon in Libra.
 April 2 3:57 a.m. to April 4 6:50 a.m. PDT.

The Moon is waxing in Virgo, making several positive planetary connections. If you need to make healthy changes to your diet, productivity improvements in your routine, or spend some time organizing your schedule or your home, this is an excellent time! 

 April 3: Mercury enters Taurus. 

After the rush of quick (and sometimes hasty) mental energy that we experienced while Mercury was in Aries, we're heading into some steadier, more grounded mental waves. 

Mercury in Taurus encourages us to give more thought to our value system, and to the stories we tell ourselves about our body and financial prosperity. Are those stories helpful, or have they become self-limiting beliefs? 

For those with your own business, how do you define your value proposition? What value-add products or services can you expand into, that complement your main offerings?

On a personal level, what are your key values, today? Are they the same as last year?

If you are in the workforce, what are the tangible results of your work? Take some time to document what’s been accomplished. Did you save your company $$$? Implement process efficiencies? Improve customer satisfaction ratings?
Don’t forget to update your resume with your “tangible” accomplishments.

Mercury will stay in Taurus for a loooong time - until June 11 - because it'll be turning retrograde on April 21.

✨ April 3: Mercury square Pluto.

Now, this is a challenging energy. Words can be particularly cutting today.  Practice kindness, and stay out of heated debates: they can turn into power struggles.

Full Moon in Libra: April 5, 9:34 p.m. PDT

This Full Moon is very healing, especially for relationship matters.  The Sun is conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer asteroid, making it one of the most healing days of the year - and that energy is magnified by the Full Moon. 

The New and Full Moon come in pairs, in the opposite signs of the Zodiac. But, there is usually a quality these opposite signs share. For Aries and Libra, it's all about finding balance between assertiveness and cooperation, and your needs and the needs of those around you. 

This Full Moon, in Libra, is the best time of the year to release co-dependency tendencies, indecision, compulsion to please, and the need to keep peace at all costs.

Read more here.

✨ April 7:  Venus sextile Neptune; Mercury sextile Mars

A good day for projects that require your brain firing on all cylinders - or at least at good speed!  

Romance is also in the stars.  But, it's not the best day for making big financial decisions. Things are not always clear-cut when Neptune is involved.

April 10-16: 

Make sure to catch the excellent energies early in the week, and then put the brakes on new undertakings and important decisions. 

Mercury will start slowing down as of April 15, getting ready to turn retrograde. And, we will start feeling the destabilizing eclipse energies as of April 14. 

✨ April 10:

The skies are vibing with optimism today, as the Moon in Sagittarius trines the Sun and Jupiter and Aries - and those two are about to align.  April 10/11 bring some of the luckiest energies of 2023!

Venus moves in Gemini today, too, bringing some lightheartedness and flirtatiousness to romantic matters.  

Venus will stay in Gemini until May 7. 

✨ April 11: Venus trine Pluto; Sun conjunct Jupiter.

One of the luckiest days of 2023! Charge a citrine for luck. 

If your birthday is April 8-15, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will be locked in your Solar Return chart (your temporary chart for 12 months ahead).  There will be at least one area of your life that is filled with expansion and opportunities.

If that's you, you may be interested in a Solar Return report.

And, if you happen to meet someone new today, it will likely be a deep, intense relationship with soulmate undertones. 

✨ April 14: Venus square Saturn

This can feel tough! If you start doubting your worth or your attractiveness, push those thoughts away.  The energy will last for just a day or two.

But, I wouldn't recommend April 14 for your first date with someone. 

✨  April 15:  Mercury enters Storm + Eclipse Season begins

Mercury is slowing down in the skies, getting ready to turn retrograde on April 21. The chance of Mercury Retrograde-related mishaps is starting to go up.  It will peak between April 17-25, but it won't hurt to exercise caution throughout the entire retrograde period, and for 4-5 days after.

Mercury will turn direct on May 14. 

And, the energies of the upcoming Solar eclipse can be felt quite strongly now. 

April 17-23: 

This week brings a very tense and very powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries. 

The Sun enters Taurus and immediately clashes with Pluto.

And Mercury turns retrograde.

Those are not the easiest of energies, but if you're a risk-taker at heart, do set intentions on this New Moon! They might materialize fast, but be prepared that what you're asking for might come into your life in a turbulent way.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries: April 19 9:13 p.m. PDT

This Solar Eclipse is another big event of 2023, because it foreshadows the themes we'll experience over the next 18 months. It's the first eclipse along the Aries-Libra axis

Eclipses tend to electrify. And once they move into Aries/Libra, they will start electrifying all things relationships: from international relations to gender relationships to personal relationships. New power alliances can be made – or broken. Treaties can be signed – or, you guessed it, broken.  There may be cease-fire or an outbreak of war.  

On a personal level, we’re asked to find balance between who we are as individuals, and our relationships and social networks.

If an eclipse connects with your natal chart, there could be a personal impact on you.  It starts a process of transformation and highlights where change is due. Eclipses sometimes point to imbalances in our personal lives, and raise our consciousness of those.

This eclipse is at 29° Aries. It will be particularly impactful for: 

  • those born on April 17-22 and October 21-25
  • if you have personal planets or angles between 27-30 degrees of Aries and Libra, or 1-2 degrees Taurus and Scorpio.

This very powerful eclipse, square Pluto and conjunct Jupiter, will give us a taste of the new themes that will require our attention over the next 18 months.

 April 20 1:14 a.m. PDT:  the Sun enters Taurus   

Happy Birthday to my Taurus readers!

Each Zodiac Sign carries a unique energy signature, from the confidence and boldness of Aries to the intuition and sensitivity of Pisces. As the Sun moves through all 12 signs every year, we get an opportunity to appreciate the best of each energy - and to invite it into our lives.

Taurus is one of the most powerful manifestation energies of the Zodiac, bringing results through steady (even if slow) growth, patience, and connecting with Mother Earth. When the Sun is in Taurus, it's time to focus on and appreciate nature, steady growth and strength, physicality and everything that pleases the senses. And it's also a great time of the year to review your relationship with your finances. 

But, back to April 20.  The Sun in Taurus makes a powerful square with Pluto:  stay out of power struggles today. 

✨  April 21:  Mercury turns retrograde 

✨  April 23:  Mercury sextile Mars

An excellent day for all things "re":  revise that manuscript. Edit your presentation.  Re-communicate a message for an increased impact. 

April 24-30: 

✨ April 25: the Sun sextile Saturn.

This is a very helpful, disciplined energy to work on projects already in progress.

✨ April 29:  Mars sextile Uranus

It's an energetic day, but you may feel like the energies are too erratic.

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