Astrology Forecast for April 2024


April brings a juxtaposition of planetary energies. We have the drag of Mercury Retrograde, the destabilizing Solar eclipse in Aries - that can also bring immense personal healing - and one of the most anticipated celestial events of 2024, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction! 

The best energies of the month for love, career and business arrive on April 19-20. And there are also quite a few dates that promote emotional healing or positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle. 

Mercury Retrograde, April 1 - 25:

The month starts with Mercury turning retrograde on April 1.  The chance of Mercury Rx mishaps is the highest for a few days before and after Mercury changes direction.  If you must sign legal documents or make important decisions in early April, read the fine print and ask for a second opinion, if needed.  If buying expensive electronic devices, save the warranty, just in case.  Proofread important email and documents, and give yourself plenty of time to get to important appointments. 

Then repeat the same cautions for a few days before and after April 25, when Mercury turns direct.

Mercury will retrace 27° to 15° Aries while retrograde.

Eclipse Season Continues:

Eclipse Season continues until April 13.  On April 8, we're going to have a powerful Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries. It's conjunct Chiron, the North Node, and Mercury Rx.  Deep personal healing is possible under this eclipse, especially around past relationship rifts and old wounds. 

As far as world events, eclipses in Libra and Aries highlight matters of war and peace, labour action and strikes, political alliances and gender issues.  And we have experienced all of these since 2023, when the eclipse axis first moved into Aries-Libra.

Aries eclipses, in particular, can set off a bad fire season, much like what many parts of the world experienced in 2023.

Traditional astrology recommends avoiding major decisions during the eclipse season. New information can come to life that will change your course anyway - and I've found it to be true on several occasions! 

As always with the eclipse season, stay flexible, be prepared for the unexpected, and remember that for the manifestor, eclipses are powerful portals! They can propel you years into the future, as far as your goals go. But, the eclipse energy is also very unstable. There may be many twists and turns, and the outcome may not be quite what you expect.

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction! 

Now, this is exciting. One of the most anticipated celestial events of 2024 is happening on April 20.  Jupiter and Uranus will come together at 21° Taurus, in a conjunction.  It's the energy of massive transformational change and quantum leaps, that can manifest itself in science, technology, or the financial sector.  We've been feeling this energy since March, and it peaks in April. 

If this conjunction hits your natal chart just right, 2024 could be a pivotal year in your life. 

Read all about this planetary energy here. 

Now, let’s look at each week in detail.

Note that all the dates I mention are for Pacific to Eastern time.  The energies I mention peak on those dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance.

April 1 - 7: 

Art by Christine's HeArt Art Studio (shared with permission).

The Universe is playing its own April Fool's joke when Mercury goes retrograde on April 1, bringing potential mishaps and miscommunications in its wake.  This is not an auspicious period for negotiations and contracts.  
As the week progresses, the energy of the upcoming eclipse will start coming in. Don't start anything new (plus it's the Balsamic Moon, anyway).  Work with grounding crystals. 

 April 1: Mercury turns retrograde, at 27° Aries. 

 April 3: Venus conjunct Neptune

Considering Mercury is freshly retrograde, this is not the best day for a first date. While Venus conjunct Neptune is very romantic, it can cloud our judgment - a double whammy when Mercury is Rx. 

But, if you're already in a relationship, this is a great energy for a romantic dinner or a sweet interlude. 

 ✨ April 4: Venus enters Aries.

This energy is a prompt to be direct and honest about your needs, especially in romantic matters.  If your relationship has become too predictable, now is the time to add some spontaneity. 

Venus in Aries doesn’t sit back; she actively pursues what she wants. And there are no guessing games, either. Could your relationship(s) use a little more of that?

Venus will stay in Aries until April 29.

✨  April 5 11:21 April 8 11:21 a.m. PST:  Balsamic Moon

This is one of those times in the Lunar Cycle when starting anything new is not to your advantage.  And, it's so close to the Solar Eclipse on April 8 that the energies might be too erratic anyway! 

Practice grounding. Do some yoga or breathwork. Work with hematite, smoky quartz or tourmaline. Get an extra hour of sleep if you can. All of that could be especially good on April 6, when the Moon is in Pisces, getting ready to conjunct Neptune in the early hours of April 7.  It's one of the most creative and intuitive times of the month. 

And if sitting still is not for you, declutter. Clean your home.  Tie loose ends from the Lunar Cycle that is now wrapping up (that would be the past 25-26 days, since the last New Moon).

✨ April 6: Venus sextile Pluto

Normally, it would be a good day to go on a first date, but it's too close to the eclipse and the energies are too erratic now.  The Moon is Balsamic, too - relationships started now may be short-lived. But, this celestial cocktail would be great if you're looking for an intense, passionate fling! 

Venus-Pluto connections have a fated feel to them. If a new romantic prospect comes into your life unbidden on or around this date, pay attention to them - the Universe is sending them your way for a reason. 

April 8-14:  

The star of the show this week is a super powerful Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aries. 

✨  April 8 11:21 a.m. PDT:  New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries

This powerful Solar Eclipse is conjunct Chiron, the North Node, and Mercury Rx.  Breakthroughs in terms of personal healing are possible now.  Reach out to an estranged loved one.  If you're in therapy, a big breakthrough is possible the week before or after this eclipse.  Look for the patterns and behaviours that followed you from your past, but that are no longer aligned with you as a person, and may be holding you back.

 ✨ April 10: a well-positioned Waxing Moon in Taurus

A good day for financial matters and acquisitions, especially after 3:18 p.m. PDT, when an Opportunity Period forms. It will last until April 11 3:04 a.m. PDT.

 ✨ April 11:  Moon in Gemini; the Sun conjunct Mercury Rx

If you need to start something related to communication, contracts, vehicles, electronic appliances or e-commerce during Mercury Rx, today is the best day! 

Note where 22° Aries falls in your natal chart. That House (area of your life) is prime for starting something that will be a focus for the next 6-8 weeks, especially if it's communication-related.

 ✨ April 12: the Moon continues through Gemini. 

Considering the eclipse energy is still high, it can be difficult to relax and get a good night's sleep.  The mind can be over-active.  Do some restoring yoga before bed.  Take a bath with lavender.  Turn off your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.

April 15-21: 

The energies this week are building toward one of the most exciting and anticipated celestial events of this year:  Jupiter conjunct Uranus! 

✨   April 15: Mercury Rx conjunct Chiron

An excellent day for inner healing.  Journal. Let go of memories of the past that disturb your inner peace. We can learn from the past, but we can't change it. 

✨   April 19: Mercury Rx conjunct Venus; the Sun enters Taurus; Mars sextile Uranus.

It's an action-packed day! If you need to have a conversation with someone from your past (an ex?), or bring closure to a conversation, this is an excellent date. 
Mars sextile Uranus brings a subtle energy boost.
And, the Sun enters Taurus at 7:00 a.m. PDT. Happy Birthday to all my Taurus readers! 
✨   April 20: Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

The brightest, most invigorating and anticipated celestial event of this year peaks today! 

✨   April 21:  the Sun square Pluto.

This is a volatile energy.  Stay away from power-hungry people.  They can be especially difficult to deal with today.  Keep your own ego in check, too. 

April 22 - 28:

Mercury turns direct this week, on April 25.  Hallelujah! But, remember that most Mercury Rx-related mishaps happen in the 3-5 days before and after it changes direction.  If you need to sign an important contract, read the fine print. Proofread all important emails. Check the distribution list.  You don't want to send that sensitive email to someone who isn't intended to read it! 

April 23 4:49 p.m. PDT:  Full Moon in Scorpio

The eclipse season is now behind us. Phew! Set intentions to let go of crippling guilt, jealousy, debts, compulsive behaviours, and drama in your life. This is a tense Full Moon; the Sun and the Moon are both square Pluto. It's an intense energy, but also very powerful, especially when you need to purge something from your life. 

✨ April 24 to April 25 4:17 p.m. PDT: Waning Moon in Scorpio; Mercury turns direct

If you need to "end things for good" (for example, give up smoking), the time to do it is on the waning Moon in Scorpio! It will boost your resolve.

Traditional astrology also recommends breaking up with someone that you DON'T want to come back into your life on a waning Moon in Scorpio.  I've tested it out, with pesky suitors that I wasn't interested in. It works. 

And, Mercury turns direct on April 25, at 5:54 a.m. PDT 🙌🙌🙌

✨ April 28: Mars conjunct Neptune

A low-energy day.  Chill and relax. Unless you're an artist or if you work with charities, that is! Mars conjunct Neptune is great for artistic, spiritual, and charitable pursuits. 

It can bring out scammers and unreliable characters though.  Practice online safety. 

April 29-30:

Mercury is still in its Storm until Sunday, moving slowly in the skies. As the week progresses though, all Mercury-related pursuits pick up speed.  You may feel like communication floodgates have opened, and your phone (or your Inbox at work) are overflowing with messages. 

✨ April 29:  Mars conjunct Neptune; Venus enters Taurus

We're still feeling the energy of the Mars-Neptune conjunction, so it can be a low-energy day.  It's a great energy for artistic, spiritual and charitable pursuits though!

Venus enters Taurus. Ahhh! Venus loves being in her own sign. Between now and May 23 (when Venus shifts into Gemini), we're encouraged to slow down and smell the roses, to try at least one thing that delights the senses (I'm going for a silk pillowcase, which will be good for the skin at my age 😆 ), to appreciate your body exactly as it comes, and to revisit your relationship with money. 

✨ April 30:  Mars enters Aries; Venus square Pluto. 

 And just as Venus, freshly in Taurus, encourages us to slow down, Mars moving into Aries wants us to take action! So the next 6 weeks could be a pull-and-push between the yin and the yang.

Mars in Aries is assertive and unapologetically goes after what it wants. Check where Aries is in your natal chart. That House (area of your life) will be receiving a lot of action between now and June 8.  That's where you can initiate things with a greater ease at this time.  Take full advantage!

Now, about Venus square Pluto.  It's not the best for love or financial matters. Power struggles can erupt in relationships. NOT the best day for a first date. 

So there you have it!  Have a wonderful April.

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