Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2024

One of the most anticipated celestial events of 2024 is coming up!  On April 20, Jupiter and Uranus will come together at 21° Taurus, in a conjunction.  It's the energy of massive, transformational change and quantum leaps, and we will start feeling it as early as March 2024.

If it hits your natal chart just right, 2024 could be a pivotal year in your life. 

What is Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction All About?

Think of conjunctions as two planets merging into one mega-planet. Astrologers often talk about "orbs" - meaning that you can start feeling the energy when the planets are still about 10 degrees apart, and it will start getting stronger and stronger when they move closer together and finally connect at the same degree of the Zodiac. 

The energies of the two planets start merging until they finally fuse.  Let's look at the nature of the planets involved:

  • Jupiter is bright-spirited, optimistic, expansive and future-oriented
  • Uranus is independent, revolutionary, brilliant, rebellious, and future-oriented.

The two planets share future orientation.  Uranus is about change, and Jupiter super-sizes whatever it touches.

In other words, this important celestial event can bring transformational change that can be big! Think a quantum leap.  Not a small, incremental change - a big, bold change that transforms the future. It's a big statement, I know.  But history supports it!

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunctions are Impactful! 

We experience a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction every 14 years, so they are not super rare.  Unless you're very young (and then chances are, you wouldn't be reading this post!), you've lived through at least one. 

Even though they are not as rare as some other planetary alignments, Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions are very impactful.

Many technological and scientific advances over the last couple of centuries transpired when a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction was active in the skies.  Sometimes events transpire around the time the conjunction comes together.  And sometimes, that's when innovation starts brewing, to be revealed at a later time. 

Technology and Science Breakthroughs: 

Ok, so what does history tell us? The following events all happened under a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and that's just a few examples! 

✨ 1831: Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction (conjunction in Aquarius). This led to generating electricity.  Hard to imagine our world without it now! 

✨ 1857-1859: Darwin’s theory of evolution (conjunction in Aries)

✨ 1899-1901: the Wright brothers - inventors of the airplane - conducted their first experiments with gliders (conjunction in Sagittarius)

During the same time, Sigmund Freud published the Interpretation of Dreams, which basically started the entire psychoanalytic revolution.

✨ 1955: the Salk Polio vaccine received approval from the FDA

✨ 1984: first Macintosh computer launches, following the conjunction of 1982-1984.

✨ Oct. 2010: Instagram was launched.

So here you go! A brief (and thought-provoking) trip down the memory lane.

What About the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2024?

Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, growth, and abundance, while Uranus is associated with innovation, change, and unpredictability. When these two planets align, we can expect a surge of creative energy, sudden breakthroughs, and unexpected opportunities.

Over the past couple of centuries, most of the break-throughs under Jupiter-Uranus conjunction were related to science or technology.

Considering this particular conjunction is happening in Taurus, this big paradigm-shifting change can also be related to money or currencies. Will cryptocurrency finally become mainstream? Or will there be another, revolutionary development in the financial sector?

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Bitcoin experiencing a rapid increase in value in early 2024, as we get close the the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.  And it's certainly been the case so far! 

As the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is drawing closer in the skies, we may experience a period of rapid transformation, both on a personal and global scale. It's a time to embrace change, take risks, and think outside the box. This alignment can bring about new ideas, inventions, and ways of thinking that can propel us forward in exciting ways.

As I always say, each planetary energy has a high and low manifestation. We choose.  As far as the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction:

Positive Expression:

  • Innovation, breakthroughs, quantum leaps
    • Especially in science or technology
    • Could also be in the financial sector - digital currency becomes widely accepted?
  • New solutions to stubborn problems

Negative Expression:

  • Rebelling for the sake of being a rebel. Let’s take down the old and replace it with something ...worse.
  • Over-optimism and over-extension.

On a Personal Level:

"Bigger and bolder", says Jupiter.  "And let's get there in a brand-new way, one you haven't tried before!", says Uranus.

To make the most of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, it's important to stay open to new possibilities and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. 

🎇 Break free from old patterns.

🎇 Explore unconventional paths.

🎇 Say yes to new opportunities.

🎇 Embrace the unknown! 

Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or creative inspiration, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 2024 offers a unique opportunity to tap into the limitless potential of the Universe. By aligning yourself with the energy of these two powerful planets, you can manifest your dreams and create a future that is truly extraordinary.  How exciting is that! 


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Client Examples:

Yes, I have a few clients who are already experiencing the invigorating effect of the upcoming conjunction.

"I couldn't take it anymore.  I just couldn't.  So I woke up one day and did it.  I quit my job,"  said a determined, strong, career-oriented client of mine.  She was trying to negotiate an unrewarding grinder of a job for the past few years.  And the impressive thing is, she was trying to make it a better place for the company and her team, bringing improvements for suggestion to her bosses.  Trying to figure out how to get their buy-in.  Until one day she woke up and realized she couldn't do it anymore.

Uranus was stationed directly on her Ascendant, squaring the planets in her 10th House of Career.  When I did her reading for 2024, I told her that there was a high chance she was going to leave her job - and that would open new and exciting doors for her, that could supercharge her career beyond her wildest expectations.

We'll see how the second part of this prediction plays out for her (the first part did).

But, let me tell you this - if you see Jupiter-Uranus conjunction 2024 connecting with your natal chart, please know that this is the year when your life could undergo a major, exciting transformation.  Yes, it may feel scary (change often is).  Yes, it may feel uprooting.  But the potential is so great!!! Take advantage of this amazing energy.  Don't let it dissipate!! 

Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces - Here Is Something to Think About:

You will be the lucky recipients of the next Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer, in 2037. 

The conjunction will repeat 3 times:

  • Sep 8, 2037, 6:32 AM, at 23° Cancer
  • Feb 19, 2038, 11:56 AM, at 20° Cancer
  • Mar 30, 2038, 5:39 PM, at 20° Cancer

Just saying...it never hurts to know the timeframe for your possible big huge break in life 😉

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