Astrology Forecast for March 2024


March starts on a high note, with a Sun-Jupiter sextile: the energy of luck and expansion. 

This month we're gifted with an unusually high number of long Opportunity Periods! They are auspicious timeframes when the planets are aligned just right, aiding specific undertakings.

Venus and Mars both move into Pisces throughout the month.  Venus is well positioned in Pisces (Mars is a different matter).  What's more, while in Pisces, Venus makes a number of positive planetary connections, so we'll have some good dates for love and romance this month.

All planets are still direct, until Mercury turns retrograde on April 1. But, it will enter its Storm on March 22, slowing down in the skies. The chance or Mercury Rx mishaps will start accelerating, and will peak between March 28 - April 4. 

And, March also brings a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, on March 25, kicking off the eclipse season. 

Eclipse Season

Eclipses affect all of us to a degree.  If you find yourself edgier than usual, and your decision-making not as reliable, it’s because eclipses pack a powerful punch of de-stabilizing energy.  It starts building about a week before the first eclipse of the season, and dissipates a week after the last eclipse.  Usually, there are 2 eclipses, 2 weeks apart, and this is true for this eclipse season.

First comes a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, at 5° Libra. And on April 8th, we're going to have a New Noon/Solar Eclipse at 19° Aries.  As far as world events, eclipses in Libra and Aries highlight matters of war and peace, labour action and strikes, political alliances and gender issues.  And we have experienced all of these since 2023, when the eclipse axis first moved into Aries-Libra.

Traditional astrology recommends avoiding major decisions during the eclipse season. New information can come to life that will change your course anyway - and I've found it to be true on several occasions! 

As always with the eclipse season, stay flexible, be prepared for the unexpected, and remember that for the manifestor, eclipses are powerful portals! They can propel you years into the future, as far as your goals go. But, the eclipse energy is also very unstable. There may be many twists and turns, and the outcome may not be quite what you expect.

Now, let’s look at each week in detail.

Note that all the dates I mention are for Pacific to Eastern time.  The energies I mention peak on those dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance.

March 1-3: 

March starts on a high note!  The energy of luck and expansion is high in the skies, but unfortunately it doesn't extend to your love life.  If planning a first date or getting ready to approach a romantic prospect, wait until next week.  

 March 1: The Sun sextile Jupiter; Opportunity Period!: 9:53 a.m. to 11:47 a.m. PST. 

We will feel the energy of luck and expansion building in a lead-up to March 1, when it'll be at its peak.  Luck is boosted.  Charge a citrine.

And, it all culminates in an Opportunity Period, from 9:53 a.m. to 11:47 p.m. PST.  Opportunity periods are the times when the planets align just right, aiding specific undertakings.  And this one is versatile and good for many things, including creative writing and processing emotions.

It's also great for driving the projects already in progress to completion, and "ending things for good" (think giving up smoking or cutting sugar out of your diet).

 March 3: Venus square Uranus.  

NOT a good day for a first date or for risky financial investments.  

March 4-10: 

Art by Christine's HeArt Art Studio (shared with permission).

This week starts with a long Opportunity Period!  If something you've been working on needs a final push to get it over the finish line, this Opportunity Period is very helpful. 

After, the Moon will wane almost to nothing (a.k.a. Balsamic Moon), and it's time to rest, recharge and declutter. 

Mars is going to square Uranus this week, which is an accident-prone energy.  Drive carefully, and be careful around electronic appliances. 

But, the highlight of this week is a super-auspicious New Moon in Pisces. Its manifestation power is 10 out of 10.  Set your intentions! 

✨  March 4: Mercury sextile Uranus

A good day for a brainstorming session, or for looking for innovative solutions to stubborn problems.

 ✨  March 4 1:15 p.m. to March 6 11:35 a.m. PST:  Opportunity Period!

This long Opportunity Period is great for high productivity and pushing the projects already in progress to completion.  The Moon in disciplined Capricorn is of great help. 

 ✨  March 7 1:00 a.m. to March 10 1:00 a.m. PST:  Balsamic Moon

This is one of those times in the Lunar Cycle when starting anything new is not to your advantage.  

The Balsamic Moon is our time to tie up loose ends for the month, in preparation to plant seeds for new beginnings on the upcoming New Moon.   Declutter.  Clean your home.  Delete old emails, documents/files and voicemail. Unfollow any social media accounts that make you feel "down" or uninspired.  

✨   March 9: Mars square Uranus; Mercury enters Aries

Pay attention when driving and using sharp instruments and electric appliances. A Mars-Uranus square can be accident-prone. This one is happening at 19° Aquarius (Mars) and Taurus (Uranus). It will be particularly relevant for you personally if your natal Mars is between 16-22° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio.  Oh wait, that's me! 

Later on the same day, Mercury enters Aries. Be assertive (but not aggressive) when communicating your needs. Speak up and stand up for yourself. But, be aware that communication might become too rushed, and important details can be missed. 

Mercury will stay in Aries for over 2 months, until May 15!  Sadly, it will be turning retrograde on April 1. 

✨ March 10, 1:00 a.m. PST:  New Moon in Pisces

All New Moons are good for manifestation, but this one's power is 10 out of 10. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct both Neptune and Saturn, helping us bring dreams and aspirations into reality.  It's also a powerful Cazimi Moon. 

Mercury is sextile Pluto: your words have extra power today. Set your intentions! 

It's a great New Moon to ask the Universe for artistic or spiritual inspiration, connecting with your intuition, and openness to receiving Divine guidance. 

March 11-17:

This week starts with another Opportunity Period! If you need to get a new undertaking off the ground this month, now is your chance.

As of March 18, the destabilizing energy of the eclipse season will start setting in. And as of March 22, Mercury will enter its Storm, slowing down and preparing to turn retrograde on April 1.

It's a packed week, astrologically! Read all the details below: 

✨   March 10 8:15 p.m. to March 12 4:08 a.m. PDT: Opportunity Period! 

If you need to start something new this month, this is a great time. 

✨   March 11:  Venus enters Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces = her powers are amplified. Lean into the compassionate qualities of this Venus. Put yourself in your partner's shoes. Easier said than done when we're in conflict with someone, but that’s what Venus in Pisces is great for.
✨   March 13:  The Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter

A great day for financial and career undertakings. 

✨   March 15-16: The Moon in Gemini

A great couple of days to connect with friends and to socialize.
But, the Moon in Gemini is quite restless, and it can be difficult to get a good night's sleep. Turn off your electronic devices at least an hour before going to bed.  Take a bath with some lavender bath salts.  Do a relaxing yoga routine.

✨   March 17: the Sun conjunct Neptune

Fantastic for creative pursuits and intuitive arts.  But, it can be a low energy day.  Sensitivity to drugs (including prescription drugs) and alcohol can be increased. Don't overdo. 

March 18-25: 

This week brings the Equinox. And, Eclipse Season starts this week, leading up to a Lunar Eclipse on March 25.  The energies will start getting progressively destabilizing,  Don't get surprised if people around you - or you, yourself! - feel edgier than usual.

And, Mercury enters its Storm on March 21.  It will start slowing down in the skies, getting ready to turn retrograde on April 1. The closer it gets to April 1, the higher is the chance of Mercury-retrograde related mishaps. For most people, they tend to happen a few days before and after Mercury turns retrograde, but the entire Storm phase is a dicey zone, too. 

Even with that, this week brings an auspicious day for relationship matters. 

✨ Opportunity Period!  March 18 7:29 a.m. to March 19 11:52 a.m. PTD

If you need to get new projects off the ground, this is your last good window before Mercury enters its Storm and the eclipse energies kick in full blast. 

✨ March 19:  The Sun enters Aries at 8:06 p.m. PDT; Spring Equinox

Happy Birthday to my Aries readers! 

If you put together a vision board during Pisces Season,  24 hours after the Sun enters Aries is the time to charge it.

Simply leave it in the sunlight and make an intention, "So be it, so it is".

 March 21: the Sun sextile Pluto; Venus conjunct Saturn.

If you need to make a stand, today is the day.  Your personal power is boosted.

And. for those in a relationship, today is a good day to make a commitment: to propose or to move in together. That is, if you're looking for a long-term, solid relationship.  It's also a good day for a first date.

Just make sure it's before 11:34 p.m. PST, when the Moon goes void of course. 

✨ March 22: Mars enters Pisces

Fiery Mars is not very comfortable in watery Pisces. It's a good energy, however, for those working with charities, and for artists.  For everyone else, between Mars in Pisces and upcoming Mercury Retrograde, it's not a super favourable time to initiative anything new. Wait until May 1.

 ✨ March 22 12:42 a.m. PST to March 24 1:37 p.m. PST: Waxing Moon in Virgo

Even though Mercury is now in its Storm, this is a great time to make changes to your routine, especially if they are health-oriented.  If you're thinking of starting a new fitness routine or making a healthy change to your diet, now is the time.

✨ March 24:  Venus sextile Jupiter.

A good day for love OR money.  Just be aware that Mercury is slowing down, getting ready to turn retrograde. For financial matters, read the fine print carefully.  Even with that, it's a very optimistic energy.  Go on that date. Charge a pyrite or citrine for financial luck. 

March 25 - 31:

The week kicks off with a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Libra. The energies are high but erratic early in the week, but they will start dissipating by mid-week and get more chill.  

✨March 25 12:00 a.m. PST:  Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 5° Libra.

This Full Moon is also a powerful Lunar Eclipse!  It's a powerful time to free yourself from suffocating, isolating, codependent relationships that clip your wings. In fact, this entire week is.

When an eclipse connects with your natal chart, it can bring an eventful period. Pay attention to this eclipse if you were born on these dates:

  • March 23-28
  • Sept. 25 -30

You are also likely to feel the impact if you have personal planets/angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC or IC) between 3-7° Aries or Libra. Check the House (=area of your life) the eclipse falls in your natal chart.  This area will be energized for the next 6 months.

If that's you, you might like a reading. 

✨ March 28: Venus sextile Uranus

Unexpected surprises around love or finances are possible today.  A good day to break out of routines in relationships. 

✨ March 27 2:03 a.m. to March 29 12:52 p.m. PST: Waning Moon in Scorpio

If you need to "end things for good" (for example, give up smoking), the time to do it is on the waning Moon in Scorpio! It will boost your resolve.

Traditional astrology also recommends breaking up with someone that you DON'T want to come back into your life on a waning Moon in Scorpio.  I've tested it out, with pesky suitors that I wasn't interested in. It works. 

Have a wonderful March! 

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