Astrology Forecast for November 2022

October was a tense and eventful month astrologically. And November? It’s like this month has a split personality! Tense energies continue through the first two weeks. Mars is freshly retrograde, the eclipse season continues, and the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Scorpio take turns butting heads with Saturn and Uranus.

There is a beautiful upside to so much intense, soul-searching, transformative Scorpio energy available to us until November 16. If you feel that you need to reclaim your power, the energies are very helpful.

And it’s also a great couple of weeks to work on any “karmic knots” and/or your shadow side – those unhelpful personality traits that can hold you behind in life.  You can see them through your astrological chart.  And if you’d like a second opinion, try this reading.

And in the background, Jupiter, back in Pisces, is getting ready to make some beautiful planetary connections with the Sun, Venus and Mercury – right before they starting moving into Sagittarius, one by one. As of November 14, the celestial weather improves quite a bit. Phew!

As of November 22, we have a strong concentration of optimistic, uplifting Sagittarius energy: the Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Sagittarius. Jupiter turns direct on the day of the New Moon in Sagittarius (November 23).  How lovely is that – it’s a very special, optimistic and uplifting New Moon, right before the American Thanksgiving.

When Jupiter stations about to turn direct, the energy of luck and optimism is especially strong in the skies.  Dream big. Work on a vision board. Cultivate abundance mindset.

But, if you plan to start a big and important undertaking in your life, save it until late January 2023, when Mars and Mercury come out of retrograde (yes…Mercury will be retrograde again from Dec. 29 2022 to Jan. 18 2023…an early heads-up!)

Jupiter is now back in Pisces

After its 5-month journey through Aries, Jupiter retrograded into Pisces on October 27. It will stay in Pisces for almost 2 months, until Dec. 20, tidying up the major themes of its time in that sign.

And the themes have been:

  • Inflation – remember my prediction that it was going to prove stubborn? Hopefully, after Jupiter leaves Pisces, we’ll start seeing some noticeable progress, even though it will be gradual.
  • High oil and gas prices. They went down in the summer, when Jupiter was in Aries, but we could experience another short, temporary spike.
  • A global resurgence of compassion, healing and selfless giving (hmmm not sure what to think here though - the last peak of that Piscean energy coincided with the outpouring of support for the Ukraine in the spring).

In our personal lives, because Jupiter will be repositioning to turn direct and moving slow, it will grace some lucky birth dates with an unusually extended period of opportunities, from October 27 to December 20:

  • Pisces born March 18-20
  • Cancer born July 20-22 
  • Virgo born Sept. 20-22
  • Scorpio born Nov. 20-22

Now, let’s look at each week in detail:

Note that all the dates I mention are for Pacific to Eastern time.  The energies I mention peak on those dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-48 hours in advance.

November 1 – 6:

Mars stationed at 25 degrees Gemini:

Mars turned retrograde on October 30 and is stationed at 25 degrees Gemini until Nov. 9.  Check where that falls in your natal chart, because you may find yourself exerting some effort in that area between now and then.

Also, check for patterns this sets off in your natal chart. For example, do you have personal planets or angles at 22-28 degrees Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces?  You might find yourself intensely deliberating a decision related to the House these planets occupy in your natal chart.

Just this past week, I’ve had two readings where clients were debating a big decision and felt stuck.  In both cases, Mars stationed at 25 degrees Gemini was making a connection to the personal planets in their natal chart.

Eclipse season continues:

The energies will be building toward a very tense Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Taurus on Nov. 8.   Remember that the week before and after an eclipse is not the best time to make big decisions. There may be new information coming to light that can change your path.

Practice plenty of self-care, because the eclipse energy is very powerful and can make us edgy.

Healing Waxing Moon in Pisces: Nov. 2 11:46 a.m. to Nov. 4 3:05 p.m. PDT

Luckily, we have a couple of very healing and soothing days that week, when the Moon in Pisces makes many positive planetary aspects. It’s a very helpful energy for spiritual and artistic pursuits. Meditate. Do yoga. Work with selenite or amethyst. Work with your Tarot cards (or book a Tarot reading).  These are some great days to connect with the Divine.

Nov. 5-6: Venus opposite Uranus and square Saturn – not the best for finances, romance, or cosmetic procedures

The upcoming eclipse in Taurus can be rattling for finances.  And, Venus is not well positioned in the skies this week (interestingly, on the days when Venus is active, the stock market also seems to be very active).

If planning a first date or an important cosmetic procedure, wait for a few days (oooh Nov. 14!! Wait until then if you can!)

And, be very careful with major financial decisions until mid-November.

Surprises in love or finances are possible on Nov. 5-6, and with the Saturn square, they might not be of a pleasant kind.

November 7-13

The star of the show this week is a tense Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse that packs quite a punch!

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, Nov. 8 3:02 a.m. PDT

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node all in Scorpio are opposite the Moon, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus.  Saturn forms a tense triangle – a T-Square – to this dynamic pull of energies. 

This Full Moon reactivates the fading energies of the Saturn-Uranus square, the uncomfortable energy of economic and global instability. What’s more, it also reactivates the explosive and fated Uranus-North Node conjunction we experienced in August.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury, so there may be some unexpected, important news or announcements within a few days. Something could be brought to light.

The worry about global recession, stock market shake-ups, extreme weather patterns, the geo-political tension in the world – one or more of these themes can reach its peak of volatility and then start improving later in November (or so I hope!)

Other dates to pay attention to this week:

Nov. 8-9: Mercury and the Sun opposite Uranus: unexpected insights are possible

A good couple of days for brainstorming.

Nov. 9: Mercury square Saturn: not the best for important conversations

It may be difficult to get your point across, and the edginess of the eclipse energy will still be around.  

Nov. 10: Venus trine Neptune: romantic and compassionate

An eclipse season can bring a blow-up (major or minor).  If harsh words were spoken or hasty decisions made, today is the day when you can undo some of the damage. Venus trine Neptune can be very healing. But hurry up, because…

Nov. 11: Sun square Saturn: don’t challenge your boss

We can get our ego squashed by something (or someone) when the Sun is square Saturn.  Luckily, this energy only lasts a couple of days, so it’s easy enough to sit it out.

Nov. 12: Mercury trine Neptune: fantastic for creative writers!

Yes yes yes…creative juices flow easily today, especially for creative writers.

Nov. 13: Venus sextile Pluto: decent for money and romance

Phew! Things are starting to look up for us, and it just gets better and better from here… (well there is one fly in the ointment and we will come to that)

November 14-20:

Ahhh…..this is the week when there is a lot of good stuff starts to happen.

Jupiter is very active, making positive connections with Venus on Nov. 15 and the Sun on Nov. 20.  Dust off your citrine and charge it for luck.  Book that first date. 

Venus moves into Sagittarius on November 15, followed by Mercury on November 17.  Start working on your vision board.  The upbeat, uplifting Sagittarius energy is getting stronger by the minute.

Now, about that fly in the ointment. It’s Mars and Neptune forming square #2 on Nov. 19 (but we will feel its energy between Nov. 17-20).  There may be a tendency to (self)-deception and passive-aggressive behaviors. If you’re an empath, check for energy leaks and work with tourmaline or black obsidian to strengthen your energetic boundary.

Back to the good stuff:

Nov. 14-16: a stellar planetary line-up

The Sun trines Neptune, Mercury sextiles Pluto and trines Jupiter, and Venus trines Jupiter. 

It’s a great window to resolve conflicts and have peaceful talks. Love and money matters also get a helpful boost – as do spiritual and charitable pursuits and art.  There may be some insightful, meaningful and compassionate conversations.   

Nov. 18: the Sun sextile Pluto: a power boost

If you need a boost of courage, determination or resilience, today is your day.

My new workshop “Astro-Timing: Planning Your Daily Life with Astrology is today!

Nov. 20-21: Sun trines Jupiter, Mercury conjoins Venus

Another great window for important conversations and negotiations.  One of the luckiest days of the year: charge a citrine for luck!

November 21-27:

Sagittarius energies intensify this week – the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22.  Happy Birthday to all my Sagittarius readers!

Then, a very optimistic New Moon sails along on November 23 – the day Jupiter turns direct!

Verrry lovely, and how perfect for Thanksgiving Day in the USA.

Chiron is also active this week, facilitating healing on a personal and global level.

New Moon in Sagittarius, Nov. 23 2:57 p.m. PST

This New Moon is super-positive.  It’s in a wide conjunction to Mercury and Venus, and in trine to the planet of luck and opportunities, Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter turns direct just 5 minutes after this New Moon.

If you need to boost your luck in life or your love life, or to have a successful negotiation, this New Moon is for you. It’s also great for setting intentions for more spontaneity and joy, and for travelling and exploring the world.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a New Moon workshop with me, Nov. 23 makes a great choice! !  5:00-6:15 p.m. PST.  A recording will be provided if you’re unable to attend in person. 

Other dates to pay attention to:

Nov. 24-25: Mercury and Venus trine Chiron: deep healing is possible

If you need to mend bridges or make amends, Mercury trine Chiron is very helpful. Deep healing is also possible in relationships, or in matters related to your self-image or body image.

November 28-30:

Sagittarius energies are still strong, which will continue all the way to December 8.

Mars and Mercury both make positive connections with Saturn.  Nov. 27-28 are an excellent couple of days to strategize. While Mars is retrograde and is not helpful for new undertakings, these dates can help you work out your strategy for the future. You will be ready to go when Mars turns direct! Tap into someone more experienced, because their input might prove invaluable.

Other dates to pay attention to:

Nov. 29: Mercury opposes Mars: spirited conversations and possible arguments

It’s a lovely energy if you need some extra mental stimulation. But, keep your discussions and conversations constructive, not adversarial.

Nov. 30: Venus opposes Mars: possible arguments – and passion! – in relationships

If your relationship is on the rocks, lay low this week. Some explosive fireworks are possible. But, if you and your honey are into each other, today is a good day to schedule a verrrry hot date 😉

Additional Cautions for This Month:

  • If you feel yourself edgier than normal prior to the eclipse on Nov. 8, avoid making any major decisions or having super-important conversations until Nov. 12. Eclipse energies are unstable, and you may end up having to mend bridges or changing your plans later.

  • Mars is now retrograde, so if you are planning any legal action or, say, serving your spouse divorce papers, wait until Jan. 19.  The initiator of conflict during Mars Retrograde will lose, according to traditional astrology.

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