Astrology Forecast for September 2023

The month starts with 6 planets all in retrograde, and that's a lot of retrograde energy.  But, things start to pick up before too long. Venus turns direct on Sept. 3, and it's (almost) green light again for engagements, weddings, cosmetic surgeries, major purchases and financial investments.

Why almost? Well, Mercury is still retrograde, until Sept. 15. But, even with Mercury in retrograde for the first 2 weeks of the month, September offers some fantastic energies for career, communication, and health-related matters!

Cautions This Month:

To be on the safe side, if you're planning to start something big and important, wait out Sept. 12 - 19 (as many Mercury- Rx related mishaps happen in the days right before and after it changes direction).

The worst day for a first date or a cosmetic procedure this month is September 29.

And, if you're prone to over-spending, leave your wallet at home the week of September 10 and 17 (a loooong time! I know!) - and especially on September 16! 

Let's look at some of the bigger energies of September in more detail. 

Mercury Retrograde:

This retrograde is happening in Virgo.  Mercury is retracing its steps from 22° Virgo to 8° Virgo.

Which House is in Virgo in your natal chart? That's where you can experience an increased need to re-communicate prior arrangements and revisit conversations in the first two weeks of September.

This retrograde is actually quite helpful if you're a writer: it's a great energy for editing or restructuring your work.

And, Mercury will trine lucky Jupiter twice this month: on Sept. 4 and Sept. 25. If you started working on a presentation, proposal, contract or negotiation on or around Aug. 9, chances are it will need some rework, but things will come together with ease and success around Sept. 25.

All the usual cautions apply:  read the fine print if signing important legal documents. If you're planning to buy a car or a an expensive electronic device, wait out this retrograde.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to important appointments. 

Read my full post on the upcoming Mercury Retrograde here. 

Jupiter Retrograde:

Jupiter energies are about luck, opportunities, faith, values, growth, and expansion. They are also about long-distance travel, other cultures, and higher education. When any planet goes retrograde, we’re encouraged to reflect on the energies represented by that planet, and how they are playing out in our life at this time.

Jupiter Retrogrades are annual. This year, it’s Sept. 4 to December 30. It’s time to reflect on your relationship with “growth”:  are you growing spiritually, emotionally, or in the practical matters, such as career or finances? And, are you expanding in the right direction, aligned with your soul’s purpose?

While in retrograde motion, Jupiter will  revisit 15° to 5° Taurus.

The year Jupiter makes a positive connection with your natal Sun can bring many opportunities.  There is only one problem... this energy will last for a couple of weeks, so if you don't know when it arrives for you personally, you can easily miss it!

But, let me tell you a little-known secret.  Jupiter slows down in the skies before it changes direction (just like any other planet) - which astrologers refer to as "stationing".  And, if it just so happens that Jupiter's station falls close to your personal planets or the angles in your natal chart, you can have an extended period of opportunities!

So, if you're a Capricorn born on Jan. 4-7, Taurus born on May 4-7, or Virgo born Sept. 6-9 - listen up!  You're now in that extended stretch of opportunity. It will last for you from August 6 to October 5.

And, if you have personal planets or angles in your natal chart between 14-15° Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, this will apply to you as well. 

And, if you're a Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo born on a different date, you might be interested in this reading, to narrow down your opportunity periods between now and May 2024 (when Jupiter moves into Gemini). 

Now let's look at each week in detail: 

Note these dates are for Pacific to Eastern time. Unless I provide a specific timeframe, the energies peak on these dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance, and for about 24 hours afterwards (but they will be losing strength with each passing hour).

September 1 - 10:

Venus turns direct, Jupiter turns retrograde, and one of the most optimistic, opportunity-filled days of the year arrives on Sept. 8!

Sept. 3-10, in particular, can be an auspicious time for professional advancement or finances.  Keep an eye out for opportunities, but check the fine print and reconfirm all important details:  Mercury is still retrograde...

And, have you signed up for my newest workshop yet? "Unlock the Secrets of Your Natal Sun" will be offered live on Sept. 9! You will receive a recording if you can't attend in person, but if you can - please do!  All my workshops are interactive, and most people who have attended a live session with me return for another workshop.  Bring your natal chart! 

 September 3: Venus turns direct

And it's green light again for engagements, weddings, investments and cosmetic procedures.  It might be best to wait until Sept. 19 though, to shake off any ill effects of Mercury Retrograde. 

✨ September 4:  Mercury trines Jupiter, Jupiter turns retrograde, and a lovely opportunity period arrives! 

What can I tell you, it's an action-packed day in the skies, good for many things.

If you need to re-negotiate something, today is a good day.

And, the planets align just right for a nice opportunity period, from Sept. 4 5:08 a.m. to Sept. 5 9:46 a.m. PDT.  You can move a lot of things forward, but with Mercury Retrograde, it's best to work on projects you started before mid-August. 

✨ September 6:  The Sun conjunct Mercury at 13 degrees Virgo.  

If you must start something new related to communication, contracts, vehicles, electronics or e-commerce during Mercury Retrograde, today is a decent day! 

If you know where 13 degrees Virgo falls in your natal chart, that House (area of your life) is prime for starting something that can be a focus for the next 6-8 weeks, especially if it's communication related.

For example, it falls into my 10th House of Career, and that totally makes sense - the summer will be over, my daughter will be back in school, and work will be high on the agenda again. 

✨ September 8:  The Sun trine Jupiter Rx.

One of the most optimistic, opportunity filled days of the year! If this is your birthday (plus or minus 2 days), this fantastically beneficial energy will be locked in your Solar Return chart for the full 12 months ahead.  Lucky you!

For the metaphysically inclined, charge a citrine for luck. 

✨ September 10 3:34 p.m. to September 14 6:40 p.m. PDT: Balsamic Moon

This is one of those times in the Lunar Cycle when starting anything new is not to your advantage. Declutter instead. Get an extra hour of rest if you can. Create some space for new energies and beginnings you're going to invite into your life on the upcoming New Moon in Virgo!

September 11 - 17:

The week starts with the Balsamic Moon, which is inauspicious for new beginnings.  And, Mercury is repositioning in the skies, preparing to go direct on Sept. 15.  If you need to sign important legal papers, make sure you read the fine print. If you must book travel arrangements or buy a car or major electronic appliances, save your receipt and warranty/insurance, just in case.

Venus and Jupiter are now locked in an extended square that we will feel for 2 weeks.  They both just changed direction, and so they are moving very slowly in the skies. If you're prone to over-spending, this is not a good week to go on a shopping spree. Your wallet could suffer....

But! This week also brings a super-auspicious New Moon in Virgo! 

✨ September 10 3:34 p.m. to September 14 6:40 p.m. PDT: Balsamic Moon

This is one of those times in the Lunar Cycle when starting anything new is not to your advantage. Declutter instead. Get an extra hour of rest if you can. Create some space for new energies and beginnings you're going to invite into your life on the upcoming New Moon in Virgo!

But, this one is particularly good for tying loose ends and decluttering, just as soon as the Moon moves into Virgo on Sept. 12 at 10:18 p.m. PDT.

New Moon in Virgo: Sept. 14 6:40 p.m. PDT

For the manifestor, this New Moon is THE day of the year to set intentions for improved health, weight control, healthy lifestyle changes, a fitness routine that sticks, and efficiency and staying organized.

You're not limited to these topics though!  Setting intentions for anything you want to attract into your life is fair game on a New Moon. But, intentions for the areas ruled by Virgo will get an extra boost.

This very auspicious New Moon forms a Grand Trine - a very beneficial energy pattern in Earth signs. It's trine Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, ushering in unexpected and beneficial beginnings.

Good news! My very popular New Moon workshop is now available as a digital mini-course.  You can take it at the time convenient for your time zone.  I recommend taking it right before you start setting your intentions: the workshop ends with a powerful visualization that takes you straight into your intention setting.

 Sept 15: Mercury turns direct, the Sun trines Uranus

New and electrifying information can come to light. If something felt confusing or unclear during Mercury Retrograde, you can experience immense clarity today.

But, stay alert between Sept. 11-19. This is a particularly sensitive timeframe, when Mercury-related mishaps can (still) happen.

✨ Sept.16: Venus square Jupiter

Because Venus and Jupiter both changed direction one day apart, they are both moving  very slowly, so we will feel this square until September 23.

But, it will be at its strongest this week and next, peaking on on Sept. 16. 

Big spender alert! Leave your credit card at home 😉 Relationships started today can feel very optimistic, but they can promise more than they deliver.

 September 18-24:

The energies bounce back and forth between determination and confusion this week.

And, we're still feeling the extended Venus-Jupiter square.  It could lead to overspending and over-optimism in relationships...

✨ September 18: Waxing Moon in Scorpio trines Saturn and sextiles Mercury

A fantastic day to work on something that requires perseverance and determination.  If you need to put forward your point of view, it's easier to convince others today.

For the metaphysically inclined, if you're having a hard time sticking with a routine or a project, make some Moon Water today and charge it with your intention for determination and "stick-to-it-ness".

✨ September 18:The Sun opposite Neptune.

An excellent day for artistic and spiritual pursuits. For everyone else though, it can be a low-energy day. It's difficult to see things clearly. People wanting to take advantage of you can surface today, so stay on guard.

Work with tourmaline or obsidian to stay grounded today.  Or go for a nature walk. The energy will shift tomorrow! 

✨ September 20: The Sun trine Pluto

An excellent day to connect with your personal power, or to present yourself in a powerful, impactful way.  So schedule that meeting with your boss, to showcase all the hard work you've been putting in.  Have a boundary-setting conversation with people who drain you energetically.

Charge a garnet or a tiger eye for confidence and to exude a powerful presence.

✨ September 22/23: The Sun enters Libra; Equinox. Venus trines Chiron.

The Sun enters Libra on Sept. 22 at 11:50 p.m. PDT.  Happy Birthday to all my Libra readers!

It’s our annual celestial reminder to focus on relationships, the sense of fairness, learning to become more assertive or decisive if we need to, and bringing more beauty into your life – whatever “beauty” means to you!

With a Venus-Chiron trine powerful in the skies, it's also a great day to remind yourself that what is considered beautiful is culture-dependent and changes over time.

I still remember my family in Russia clucking in distress when I was a teenager: "Look at you! How skinny you are!  How are we going to marry you off when you grow up?"   You can imagine what it was doing to my self-confidence levels 😂 and so I married the first guy who proposed, and that turned out a total and utter disaster. I met him when I was 19.

A few years later, I moved to North America, realized I was a much-coveted size 4, and spent a good amount of time fending off admirers. 

There is research that some features are considered “beautiful” across cultures (for example, a certain ratio of your face and eyes), but there are also a lot of culture-dependent notions.

While we can't often fight the cultural reality, we can most definitely change our own, thought-dependent reality.

Don't let anyone take your self-confidence down.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Now that I went off on this loooong tangent... 😂 this brings us to: 

 Opportunity Period! Sept. 23 8:17 p.m. to Sept. 24 1:05 p.m. PDT
Too bad this one falls on a weekend! It's a great opportunity period for career matters and taking initiative. If you're a business owner, schedule your day off on Sept. 19 this week, and put in some work on the weekend. You'll be able to accomplish a lot. 

 September 25 - 30:

This week starts with great energies for work and negotiations. Mid-week is an awesome time for spiritual or artistic pursuits. 

Between Sept. 26-29, Venus and Mars support each other in a sextile, although they don't align perfectly (the sextile doesn't become exact). The energy of passion is boosted in the skies, and that can mean love and romance, but also passion for a cause.

But, pay attention to the Venus-Uranus square and the Full Moon in Aries on Sept. 29. If your relationship is on the rocks at the moment, stay out of arguments around the time of this Full Moon.

✨ September 25: Mercury trine Jupiter!

This amazing energy is great for business presentations, negotiations, or for thinking BIG! Blue-sky today, at work or in your personal life.  What would the biggest, boldest version of what you're trying to accomplish look like?

This is the last of 3 Mercury-Jupiter trines that we've been graced with in August and September this year.  If you started a project related to communication on or about Aug. 9, it can now reach an important milestone.

For the metaphysically inclined, charge turquoise for improved communication and presentation skills.

✨ September 26 5:18 p.m. to Sept. 28 5:17 p.m. PDT: Waxing Moon in Pisces

A great couple of days for spiritual and artistic pursuits, and for those working with charities. Every month, when the Moon is in Pisces, it connects with Neptune in Pisces, making it a top day of the month for connecting with the Divine.  This month, it's Sept. 28.  Book a Tarot reading, work with crystals, or meditate.

Neptune is very strong in its own sign, Pisces. But, it will be moving into Aries in March 2025, so we only have 18 months of this amazing incredible celestial powerhouse of spiritual energies, forming monthly.  Take advantage!

✨ September 29: Venus squares Uranus right after the Full Moon in Aries

This energy can be disruptive for relationships and finances, and this year, Venus and Uranus will butt heads three times during a 6-week period. This is the last square.

Did you experience any turbulence in these areas between June 29-July 2, during square #1?  Or around August 9, during square #2? If yes, the issue could come to its final resolution this week. 

Full Moon in Aries: September 29 2:58 a.m. PDT

Astrologically speaking, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate our successes and progress this lunar cycle, give thanks - and then to start releasing what no longer serves us. 

At the time of this Full Moon, the Sun trines Pluto, helping you to embrace your personal power in a constructive manner.

If you need to let go of non-constructive anger and impatience, this Full Moon is for you! 

It’s also great for releasing unhelpful tendencies to acting impulsively, irritability and frustration.

Where is 6° Aries in your natal chart? Something that started 6 months ago can come to fruition or completion now in that area of your life. 

✨ September 30: Mercury trine Uranus

 A great day to break out of stale mental patterns. Have a brainstorming session - at work or in your personal life - and remember the cardinal rule of brainstorming: don't start eliminating new ideas too early, no matter how off the wall they might seem. And in fact, under this celestial energy, the more off the wall, the better!

If you have any comments or would like to report a typo or an omission, please leave a comment below (your email address won't be published).

Have a wonderful September!

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