Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces 2022


The upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12 is a big deal!  Jupiter and Neptune only come together every 12-13 years, and their meetup this year is particularly special.

The planetary superpowers are meeting in their own sign, Pisces: the realm of blessings, healing, spirituality, compassion, and abundance.

Jupiter and Neptune last met in Pisces in 1856. Their next rendezvous there will be in 2188! This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event…

The two planets will align at 23°58′ Pisces on April 12, but we’re already feeling the effects of the upcoming conjunction.  Its energy will intensify in the coming weeks, peak from April 7 to 17, and then will gradually start dissipating. But, we will still feel it until early May.

There is so much powerful potential in the energy of Jupiter and Neptune merging! We got a taste of their magic under this year’s New Moon in Pisces, but there is much more to come.

If you’re working on manifestation – or for the magically inclined – circle March and April on your calendar, especially April 7-17. There is a very powerful manifestation energy building.

What Happens When Jupiter and Neptune Meet in the Skies?

Jupiter moves much faster than Neptune, spending about a year in each sign. It returns to Pisces every 12 years, on average.

Neptune, on the other hand, takes a long time to move through the Zodiac, visiting each sign every 165 years or so!  But when it does, it settles in for a long visit.  This time around, it first moved into Pisces in 2011, and will keep sailing through its watery, mysterious depths until 2026.

Jupiter was the ruler of Pisces until Neptune was discovered, so these two planets share the rulership of Pisces. They both are very comfortable in this sign.

Jupiter in Pisces is sooooo lovely! It’s a very healing energy. We attract luck through intuition, imagination, and compassion. We’re charitable, and we look out for the underdog. We are more idealistic and perhaps less ambitious in a worldly sense, more motivated to give than receive.

Jupiter’s visit of Pisces has been one of the defining energies of 2022, and I wrote more about it here.  

In astrology, every planet is “responsible” for something (also referred to as “the matters ruled by the planet”).

Legal matters and the legal profession, publishing and publicity, higher learning, spiritual matters, churches and church affairs, air travel and long-distance journeys are all ruled by Jupiter.

And Neptune? Neptune is “responsible” for many things! The key areas it influences are art, spirituality, psychic gifts and extrasensory perception, guidance from the Universe, delusions and untruths, drugs and addictions, pharmaceuticals, the sea, “glamor” and photography, charity and charitable institutions, oil and gas, hospitals and hospitalizations, floods, and navy.

So what happens when these two meet in Pisces? Before I outline some possibilities, the key thing to remember is this.  Every planetary energy has a higher and lower expression – and we’re the ones choosing how it will manifest. It’s our consciousness that filters it, on a personal or collective level.

For example, Neptune can bring profound compassion, but it can also manifest as untruths and escapism. It can bring a beautiful merging of the collective energies toward healing; or a groupthink when we collectively delude ourselves about reality. Marijuana (ruled by Neptune) can help with pain. But it can also become an addiction.  

And Jupiter? Jupiter’s signature is expansion, which is not quite the same as luck. For example, when Jupiter aligns with a challenging energy in the skies, it often magnifies it. Having said that, most Jupiter transits bring good things.  He isn’t called “the greater benefic” for nothing!


Some Possibilities:

  • Heightened compassion, at a global level. Rise of charities and charitable matters (and we’re already seeing this in the outpouring of world support for Ukraine)

  • An influx of inspiration and creative vision that will shape the next 12 years of artistic trends. Works created during this time have a potential to become blockbusters or chart-toppers.

  • Further rise of spirituality. It’s a powerful time for prayer, meditation, recording your dreams to discover hidden symbolism - or connecting with the Universe in another way that appeals to you!
  • Travel industry going through a boom between March - May, especially where international travel is concerned.

  • Pharmaceutical companies or drugs in the news
  • Increased inflation, especially around oil and gas. I wrote about this in my 2022 forecast, predicting the peak from March to May 2022.

  • Investment into, and focus on, healthcare, including mental health
  • Major flooding 
  • Emergence of cult-like movements or world-wide “groupthink” that leads to victimization, or looking for the proverbial sacrificial goat.
  • A collective belief that is based on blind faith and not reality (perhaps it’s our desire to believe that we’re done with COVID…but, it can also be something new!)

  • Major miscommunication, misinterpretation or untruths (unintentional OR deliberate)

Ultimately, It's Up to Us

As long as we’re aware of the spectrum of possibilities the merging of Jupiter and Neptune can bring, WE choose how to internalize and express it.

Stay grounded in the coming weeks. Be mindful of falling prey to groupthink and remember that truth is not always one-dimensional.

Boundaries dissolve under this conjunction. We all become one. And it can be a beautiful thing, or a dangerous thing.

First and foremost though, this energy is a huge blessing! Tap into the powerhouse of the healing energy available to us right now, that transcends the limitations of the linear mind, and that can connect the world through the power of compassion, intuition – and art.

Yes, But Which Signs Will Be Affected?

We all will be! This is a strong energy that will be felt by us as the collective. Look at the House (=area of life) this conjunction is visiting in your natal chart.  This is where the themes of compassion, healing, potential for a greater abundance and perhaps art can come into play for you.  And so could the need to see things more clearly.

But, if you are a Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini, you could experience this conjunction at a deep personal level.

And so will those whose birthday falls between March 14  - May 5 this year. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will be locked in your Solar Return chart, influencing your 12 months ahead.

To learn about the impacts of this rare planetary energy on you, try this reading. 

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