Leo Season: 7 Things to Try

LEO SEASON - Happy Birthday, Leo!

One of the things I love about astrology is that it keeps us connected with the larger cycles of the Universe. As the Sun travels through the Zodiac, each month we get a chance to “try on” the qualities of that sign and stretch out of our comfort zone! 

Leo is about having unabashed fun, taking center stage, and unapologetically appreciating your own fine qualities 😊 Most importantly, it’s also about creativity, warm-heartedness, and generosity toward others.

Some things to try when the Sun is in Leo:

1 - Become Your Own Biggest Appreciator!

List five qualities you appreciate in yourself. BRAG!!! Journal or try standing in front of the mirror and telling your reflection what you love about yourself. Ok, so it might make you feel silly or uncomfortable, but try…There will be a time to become modest again – the Virgo Season – but for now embrace the glorious being that is YOU.

Or list your five key accomplishments this year, to date. Or in your life, to date. Leo energy is about being an appreciator – of others AND yourself.

Don't forget to spruce up your resume. Jot down your professional accomplishments this year, for your next interview. If you don’t interview very often, it’s easy to forget some of your achievements. Keep a running log for when that next fabulous job opportunity comes up.

For more career- and business-oriented tips, read my post "Leo Season: Career Edition!"

2 - Spread the Sunshine

Now let’s spread the sunshine 😉 Tell your partner what you appreciate about them. Look deeply into his or her eyes, and tell them what makes them so wonderful. Don’t stop there. Tell your children. Your parents. Your co-workers. Your friends. You get the picture. We ALL need to hear that we’ve done a good job, brightened someone’s day, and made a difference.

3 - Connect With Your Creativity

Start a creative project. Join a painting class. Sew. Sculpt. Redecorate. Any creative outlet that brings you joy will do.

4 - Connect With Your Inner Child

Parents with a strong Leo energy often become their children's best playmate. That's because they always stay a big child at heart! Someone who knows how to have fun. No reservations.  No self-consciousness. Just plain fun. 

Leo or not, indulge your inner child - play!  Have some belly laughs. Do something silly. Have fun!

5 - Live it Up a Little

If you normally shy away from splurging on yourself,  Leo Season is the time to embrace your inner queen or king. It’s the sign of royalty, after all! Treat yourself to something that makes you feel like a million bucks.

6 - Make a Glamour Oil

Try your hand at making your own personal power oil, to fully embrace the self-confident energy of Leo.  

7 - Relocate To, or Connect With your Sun Line

OK, this one is based on my current astro-crush, astrology of relocation. Did you know that you can enhance certain energies in your natal chart - and through that, your experiences in life - by using astro-cartography (the art of relocating by the stars?) 

The Sun Line is all about YOU! It will bring out your life purpose. It will make you feel full of vitality and joie de vivre.  It's a great line to move to if you're looking to improve your health! first and foremost, it will bring out the glorious being that is YOU.

Of course, it’s not always practical to orchestrate a move….you can also activate the energy of your Sun line remotely.  Find out which cities/countries it runs through. And then use an image of that city as a screensaver. Or get some wall art. Or buy something that was made there, and represents that city.

If you’re interested to learn more, try my pre-recoded course Astrology Hacks:(Re)Location by the Stars!, or book a consultation with me.

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