Astrology Forecast for June 2023


We've had a couple of tense months astrologically.  Thankfully, as we enter June, we're leaving all this celestial tension behind. 

For world affairs, Jupiter sextiles Saturn between June 15-24 (peaking on June 19), and that's generally helpful for the economy.  Hopefully the heated debt ceiling debate in the USA will be resolved with no impacts to the economy of the USA - or the world!  A government default of a major nation would certainly send ripples through the world.  (There is still some tension in the stars the first week of June though, as far as financial affairs are concerned).

In May, we experienced a Jupiter-Pluto connection, powerfully activated by Mars. Jupiter-Pluto connections often coincide with "big money" events, and with aggressive Mars in the mix, no wonder the debt ceiling debate got heated! 

June offers a mix of energies, predominantly positive.  Mercury changes signs twice, which makes it for a lively month communication-wise, mirroring the energy of the Sun in Gemini in the first half of the month.

There are many good dates for communication or business activities throughout the month.

And, we're starting to head into Retrograde Season 2023. 

We're Heading into the Retrograde Season

Two more planets turn retrograde this month: Saturn and Neptune.  The more planets are retrograde, the more difficult it is to launch new undertakings with ease.  

So a heads-up: the thick of the retrograde season this year will happen between August 23 - October 10. That's when we have 6 planets out of 10 in retrograde.

What you should pay particular attention to in the coming months is Venus Retrograde (July 22- Sept. 3), overlapping with Mercury Retrograde (Aug. 23 - Sept. 15). 

Every time Venus goes retrograde, I do many readings about relationships that hit a rough patch - and a lot of misunderstandings can happen when Venus Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde overlap. 

Considering Venus will be retrograde in Leo, if you feel hugely underappreciated or undervalued in your relationship, or that all the joy is now gone, start working on your relationship now…just saying!

Astrologically, Venus Retrograde is not the best time for:

  • Weddings, engagements and starting new relationships
  • Buying luxury items
  • Cosmetic surgery or drastic cosmetic makeovers.
I will write a detailed post on Venus Retrograde in the next few weeks. 

Saturn Turns Retrograde:  June 17 - Who Should Pay Attention? 

When Saturn goes retrograde, it encourages us to consider how we view responsibility and commitment. Do we take on too much? Or do we shirk our share of responsibility? Are we all work and no play? Or the opposite? If there is a voice inside you that says “you should” – is it your own voice, and does the “should” have merit?  

So that's some general thoughts to ponder.  Saturn will be retrograde from June 17 to Nov. 4 2023.

But, when Saturn connects with your natal chart, then you most certainly should pay attention!   Saturn will often connect with your natal planets three times: when it's direct, then again through its retrograde motion, and one more time when it turns direct and revisits the same degrees of the Zodiac. 

When it turns retrograde, it will revisit some of the degrees it's already visited in your natal chart in the past few months, giving you a chance to make any needed adjustments. 

Last year, I had an interesting case with a client who lost a lot of money on the stock market, on the investments she made just shortly before Saturn opposed her natal Sun.  Saturn turned retrograde several months later, and eventually opposed her natal Sun again.  The stock market went up and she was nearly back to her original investment.  Had she sold at that time, she would have recouped most of her money.  She didn't - and lost some more when Saturn turned direct and opposed her natal Sun for the third time. 

When Saturn squares or opposes your natal Sun, it usually brings a life lesson.  And, it gives you a chance to correct your course, when it turns retrograde. 

So, who should pay attention to this retrograde?

  • Pisces born February 19-26
  • Gemini born May 22-29
  • Virgo born August 24-31
  • Sagittarius born November 23-30. 

Or if you have natal planets or angles between 0-7° Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. 

 If that's you, you may be interested in a reading. 

Neptune Turns Retrograde:  June 30 - Who Should Pay Attention? 

Neptune turns retrograde once a year, and stays retrograde for 5-6 months at a time.  This year, Neptune will turn direct again on Dec. 6.

Neptune Retrograde is a gentle nudge from the universe to connect with your spiritual side, your intuition, or your artistic abilities. 

The days when Neptune is repositioning in the skies, about to turn retrograde or direct, can be fraught with inability to see things clearly. But, our intuition, compassion, and creative abilities can be at their highest, too.

We'll feel this energy between June 25 and July 9.  Pay attention to your dreams, work on your boundaries (if you're an empath, work with a protective crystal, such as smoky quartz or tourmaline), and do tap into your imagination!  If you have any energy vampires in your circle, stay away from them during this time.

And again, if Neptune connects with your natal chart as it's changing direction, it will be an important period for you, to pay attention to.

At best, you will experience a period of "bliss", or perhaps of an increased spiritual or artistic awareness. At worst, you may be dealing with outright deceit, or you might not be seeing your life clearly at this time. 

Neptune will be stationing at 27° Pisces, as it's getting ready to turn retrograde.

You should pay particular attention to this retrograde if you are:

  • Pisces born March 15-20
  • Gemini born June 16-21
  • Virgo born Sept. 18-23
  • Sagittarius born Dec. 17-22

Or if you have natal planets or angles between 25-29° Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini. 

If that's you, you may wish to book a reading

Pluto Moves Back Into Capricorn

Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation, retrogrades into Capricorn on June 11.  

Pluto is visiting Aquarius from March 23 to June 11 2023,  giving us a brief taste of what it's going to bring into our lives between January 2024 - March 2043 (!), when it will return to Aquarius and will slowly move through the sign of the water bearer.  I'm just going to say, the last few months have seen an explosion of AI!!!  So very Pluto in Aquarius! 

But for now, it will return to Capricorn for the rest of 2023, cleaning up its unfinished business there.  Governments and financial institutions will feel the last blast of its uprooting yet transformational power. 

Pluto will revisit 27-30° of Capricorn twice between June 11 2023 - January 21 2024, through its retrograde and then direct motion. 

Pluto deals with big issues, such as power and sweeping, transformational change. When it visits your natal chart, it can cause turmoil, but it nearly always leaves a gift. Greater resilience. Greater compassion. Greater understanding of such big issues as life, death and rebirth. 

    If you see your birthday mentioned below, and you've experienced some turmoil or big developments in your life over the past 12 months, the theme(s) you're experiencing will be playing out by February 2024:

    • Capricorn born Jan. 18-20 
    • Aries born April 17-19 
    • Cancer b. July 20-22
    • Libra b. Oct. 21-23 

    If you have personal planets between 27-30 of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra, Taurus or Virgo, pay attention to Pluto this year as well. 

    I've had many clients booking a reading in a grip of a powerful love affair when transiting Pluto connected with their natal Venus! 

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    Now let's look at each week in detail: 

    Note that all the dates I mention are for Pacific to Eastern time.  The energies I mention peak on those dates, but we’ll feel them for 24-72 hours in advance, and for about 24 hours afterwards (but they will be losing strength with each passing hour).

    June 1 - 4: 

    This week brings the best date of June for love and romance! And, we're also building to the Full Moon in Sagittarius. 

    ✨ June 2: Venus in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio form a Grand Trine (a very beneficial energy flow). 

    If you are thinking of a beauty treatment, a cosmetic procedure, or a glamour shot - today is a very good day.

    It's also a good day for a romantic date. 

    Being supportive of others is easier today, too.  Who around you needs your help or compassion?

    Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 3 8:42 p.m. PDT

    Astrologically speaking, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate our successes and progress this lunar cycle, give thanks - and then to start releasing what no longer serves us. 

    If you’re prone to FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s a great Full Moon to get rid of it! No, the grass is not always greener on the other side…😉 While I love the expansive Sagittarius energy, the dark side of it is that it always wonders, "What if I took the other path? Would I have done better?" 

    We often compare our real, regular life to the cherry-picked highlights of someone else’s, presented to us on social media. “Why can’t I build THAT life?”, you might be thinking. “What is wrong with me?” 

    Absolutely nothing! They don’t have THAT life either! You’re seeing their best, happiest, most successful moments - not their everyday life.

    This is also an excellent Full Moon to ask for openness to other points of view (Sagittarius can be pretty dogmatic!), and to release the tendency to be too blunt.

    Read more here.
     June 4: Mercury conjunct Uranus.

    A fantastic day for a brainstorming session or to solve stubborn problems. Brilliant insights are possible. But, the energy of the Full Moon is still high, so there may also be some unexpected surprises coming to the surface! 

    June 5 -11: 

    Two planets change signs this week.  Venus moves into showy Leo on June 5. She will stay in Leo for a looong time - until Oct. 8 - because of the aforementioned Venus Retrograde. 

    Venus in Leo is a showboat. "All eyes on me!" If you feel underappreciated or undervalued, in personal relationships or at work, start communicating your feelings now, otherwise issues could erupt when Venus turns retrograde.

    And let's not forget Mercury's move into Gemini!  Mercury moves into Gemini on June 11 and stays in this stimulating, social sign until June 26.

    Mercury enjoys being in its own sign. You might experience extra mental energy and new ideas during this time, especially if your natal Mercury is in Gemini, Taurus or Virgo.  You can also find yourself making lots of short-term plans.  But, it can also be difficult to shut off your brain.  Practice mindfulness techniques or meditation.

     June 5: Venus enters Leo and opposes Pluto

    If there are any relationship issues, they might come to the surface around June 5.  Avoid power games. And in fact, if things get a little heated, wait for a couple of days and then have that conversation.  If you work on your issues proactively, there may be a transformative effect on your relationship.  

    ✨ June 5 12:31 a.m. to June 6 9:40 p.m. PDT

    A  nice long opportunity period!  While relationship matters may be a little challenging around this timeframe, this opportunity period is very good for working on projects you already have in progress.  You can make a lot of headway. It's also good for career matters, with the Moon in practical Capricorn making a number of positive planetary connections.

    ✨ June 9 3:14 a.m. to June 11 6:20 a.m. PDT: The Moon is waning in Pisces, Mercury sextile Neptune; the Sun sextile Chiron.

    It's a great couple of days for writers, artists, and those working with charities. Imagination is high, especially on June 9.  It's also a good couple of days for spiritual pursuits and emotional healing. 

    ✨ June 11: Pluto re-enters Capricorn, Mercury trines Pluto,  Mercury enters Gemini, and Venus squares Jupiter! 

    It's an action-packed day in the skies!

    Mercury trine Pluto is a great energy for research, all kinds of investigative activities (bring out your inner detective!) and also for cognitive therapy.  Big breakthroughs are possible under this planetary energy.  If you're planning to start counselling, June 11 is a good day.

    Now Venus square Jupiter is a tricky energy.  If you have a tendency to overspend, today is NOT a good day to shop.  And if you meet someone new today, the relationship might prompt some deep insights, but it may promise more than it delivers. 

    A very good client of mine met someone under a tense Venus-Jupiter aspect, and in keeping with the energy, the relationship started off on a great note and progressed fast, but ended in a big disappointment.

    June 12 -18:

    As of June 15, we're starting to feel the energy of the approaching Jupiter-Saturn sextile, that tends to boost business or career matters.  (See June 19-26).

    Another highlight of the week is the New Moon in Gemini. 

    But, this week also brings some cautions.

    ✨ June 15: Mercury square Saturn 

    NOT a good day for starting an important proposal, presentation, or anything related to travel or e-commerce.

    Focus may be a challenge, conversations might turn depressing, and there could be something that takes up a lot of your mental energy.  Give yourself some mental space. 

    New Moon in Gemini: June 17 9:37 p.m. PDT

    Today is the day when Saturn turns retrograde, Mercury sextiles Venus, and the Moon and the Sun square Neptune.

    In the next 4 weeks, we might find ourselves not seeing things as clearly as we need to.  There could be a reality check.  On the plus side, having heart-to-heart conversations can be emotionally fulfilling around the time of this New Moon.

    For the manifestor, this New Moon just might be THE day of the year to set intentions for improved communication or writing with ease; success with online courses; improved relationship with siblings or neighbours; increased social circle, and - for all of us anxious drivers out there - reduced stress when driving. 

    You're not limited to these intentions; it can be anything you want to attract into your life. The intentions recommended in this post are particularly aligned with the Gemini energy though.  Writers, this New Moon is for you! 

    Read more here.

    ✨ June 18: Sun square Neptune

    A low energy day.  Don't plan anything too ambitious :-) Sensitivity to alcohol and drugs (including prescription drugs) can be heightened.  Don't overdo.


    June 19 - 25: 

    This week is a mixed bag. It starts with a beneficial Jupiter-Saturn sextile, and brings some lovely energies on the day of the Solstice.  

    But, the week ends with a tricky Mercury-Neptune square. If planning to do anything important, especially related to communication, do it early in the week.

    ✨ June 19: Jupiter in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

    We will feel this energy between June 15-24, but it will peak on June 19.  It's beneficial for business and the economy in general. 

    If you have personal planets between 5-10 degrees Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer or Scorpio, you could experience opportunities that can turn into tangible results. 

    ✨ June 21:  the Sun enters Cancer:  Solstice.  Mercury sextiles Mars.

    Happy birthday to my Cancerian readers! 

    Where in your life could you use more of Cancer qualities:  deep nurturing (of others or yourself), and appreciation of all things “home” and “family”?

    We all need to put down an anchor somewhere, at some point in life.  In feng shui, there has to be both grounding/support AND expansion, for your life to flow at its optimum potential.

    Cancer is about that deep sense of security and support. What gives you the sense of comfort and security in life?

    And family – sometimes it’s the family we’re born into, and sometimes it’s the one we create, including the circle of friends who nourish our soul!

    Mercury sextiles Mars today: a good day to work on anything related to communication or mental pursuits.  Write or present that proposal.  Pitch your ideas. A lot of mental energy is available to us today. 

    ✨  June 23 3:35 a.m. to June 25 3:24 p.m.:  the Moon is waxing in Virgo and is making a decent number of positive planetary connections

    A good couple of days to introduce some health-oriented changes into your routine.

    ✨  June 25:  Mercury square Neptune

    It can be difficult to focus or articulate your ideas clearly today.  NOT a good day for anything communication-related.  Try to get some mental rest and don't be too hard on yourself if you drift off into daydreaming! 

    June 26-30: 

    Keep your cool early in the week, when Mars squares rebellious Uranus. But after, June ends on a spectacular note!   The stars make some spectacular connections between June 28 and July 1.  Read on...  

    ✨ June 26: Mars square Uranus; Mercury enters Cancer

     This can be an accident-prone day for those who have their natal Mars in square to Uranus, between 20-22 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio.

    If your natal Sun falls between these degrees, you might get an unexpected development in your life around June 26, that could pivot your life in a new direction.

    For everyone else, be aware that Mars square Uranus is a very rebel-oriented energy.  If something is not to our liking, we just might be tempted to lash out.  Look at the root cause of the problem or disagreement instead, and try to solve it. 

    ✨ June 28-29: the Sun trine Saturn; the Moon is waxing in Scorpio  

    A great day to work on projects that need perseverance and discipline.  The waxing Moon in Scorpio boosts our resolve.  Saturn helps to achieve goals through focused effort.  You can make some good progress on your goals and ambitions today. 

    Note that we're already feeling the Mercury-Saturn trine (exact on June 29), and that helps with focused, results-oriented communication.  

    It's a good day for business meetings and meetings with your boss/authority figures.

    ✨ June 29:  Venus trine Chiron;  Mercury trine Saturn

    In addition to the above info, Venus trines Chiron on June 29.  It's a fantastic day to work on any self-limiting beliefs connected to your body, money or "beauty".  Venus-Chiron aspects can bring great healing in those areas. 

    ✨ June 30:  Neptune turns retrograde; the Sun conjunct Mercury

    The Sun conjunct Mercury is a great energy for all things communication.  In this case, since Mercury and the Sun are both in Water Signs, it's particularly auspicious for communicating a message from the heart, communication about home or family matters, and starting a communication project that is related to these topics.  

    Note that Mercury and the Sun will both sextile Jupiter on July 1, making June 30-July 1 a five-star day for contracts related to real estate or property, communication with family members, or for starting any kind of communication-related project. 


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