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  • Ancient Astrology and Me: Same Planets, Different Life

    If an ancient astrologer read my natal chart using the techniques of Hellenistic Astrology, a lot of what they would have told me would be similar than what Western Astrology would tell you.  But, there is one big difference - and it's not an astrology technique!  In this post, I share my journey through learning astrology techniques used in the ancient times.
  • Where Is My Soulmate?

    Valentine's Day can be such an emotionally charged time of the year. 

    Well, guess what? I have done over 5,000 professional readings to date.  And I have NEVER seen a natal chart that would be doomed to a life with no partner…

  • Astrology Forecast for 2023

    It's a brand-new year!

    Three planets change signs in 2023:  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. While Jupiter changes signs every 12 months, and Saturn every 30 months, when Pluto changes signs, it signals a huge (even if slow), generational change.

    The nodal axis moves again, into Aries-Libra, highlighting relationships (including international relations).

    What's more, this will be followed by more major shifts in 2025-2026, as Uranus and Neptune will also change signs!

    The world is heading into an important period that may feel like a new era.

  • Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022-2023

    Mars, the planet of action, assertiveness and war, is about to turn retrograde in Gemini. This retrograde features an unusually long Mars-Neptune square. In this post, I share astrological recommendations for how to best tap into the energy of Mars Retrograde - and some potential pitfalls to think about.