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  • New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries, April 2024

    This New Moon is also a powerful Solar Eclipse. If you're a risk-taker at heart, intentions set on this New Moon will be supercharged and can come into your life fast - but, they can materialize in a turbulent way.
  • Astrology Forecast for April 2024

    April brings a juxtaposition of planetary energies. We have the drag of Mercury Retrograde, the destabilizing Solar eclipse in Aries - that can also bring immense personal healing - and one of the most anticipated celestial events of 2024, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction! 

    Art by Christine's HeArt Art Studio (shared with permission).

  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra: March 2024

    This Full Moon is also a powerful Lunar Eclipse!  It's a powerful time to free yourself from suffocating, isolating, codependent relationships that clip your wings.
  • Eclipses 2024 and You

    It was February 1999, and I was sitting in the kitchen staring at the phone, feeling like my world was shattering around me, in a slow motion.  I just found out that my husband was having an affair. 

    Unbeknownst to me (I hadn't started working with eclipses yet), my natal chart - and my life - was being rocked by 3 eclipses that year.

  • Astrology Forecast for March 2024

    March features an unusually high number of long Opportunity Periods, several great dates for love and romance, and a magical New Moon in Pisces. 

    But, as the month progresses, eclipse energies will start kicking in.  The eclipse season starts with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25, but we'll feel the energies building for a week prior.  Finally, as the month draws to a close, Mercury slows down in the skies, getting ready to turn retrograde on April 1.

  • New Moon in Sagittarius: December 2023

    Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. This New Moon, in Sagittarius, is THE day of the year to ask for a boost of positivity, joy, and luck in your life. Those hoping to publish a book or an online course - Sagittarius also rules publishing, so get ready to set some intentions!

  • Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: October 2023

    There is a strong and powerful T-Square (a dynamic and tense energy) in the skies at the time of the eclipse. The ruler of this eclipse - Venus- is well positioned however.  She is a part of a lovely Grand Trine (a beneficial energy flow) that also includes Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

    This eclipse can bring some unexpected shake ups and developments, and some unexpected reversals - especially in financial matters. They may be for good OR bad. 

    As with all eclipses, the energy is unpredictable but also very, very powerful.  

  • New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Libra

    This New Moon is also a powerful Solar Eclipse! 

    Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. And eclipses are very powerful portals. Intentions set on an eclipse can manifest fast, but they can materialize in an unexpected way. If something feels stuck in your life, setting an intention on an eclipse may be just what you need.

    If you're not afraid of some twists and turns, today is THE day of the year to let the Universe know that you're ready for happy, harmonious relationships - including romantic relationships.


  • Astrology Forecast for October 2023

    October is tense and powerful.  We head into the eclipse season.  Pluto is stationed in the skies, and the Sun, Mercury and Mars take turns poking Pluto's powerful energy. But, October is also a great month to reconnect with your personal power.  You can get a lot accomplished if you stay focused.  And, if you feel like your love life is non-existent no matter what you try, don't miss the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on October 14! 
  • Hitch Your Wagon to the Moon

    What happens when a single mom and a courageous entrepreneur decides to take a cosmic shortcut and hack the Moon? 

    If you like my New and Full Moon posts, you will love this blog post written by Landa Ruweha, a long-term client of mine who is as passionate about astrology and tarot as she is about writing and cooking.
  • Eclipses in Aries-Libra 2023-2025

    Eclipses are wild cards in astrology.  They tend to electrify the areas they touch, to shake them up and revitalize them.

    That plays out on the collective level as well as on a personal level, if an eclipse connects with your natal chart.

    So what can we expect from this year's eclipses? 

  • Astrology Forecast for 2023

    It's a brand-new year!

    Three planets change signs in 2023:  Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. While Jupiter changes signs every 12 months, and Saturn every 30 months, when Pluto changes signs, it signals a huge (even if slow), generational change.

    The nodal axis moves again, into Aries-Libra, highlighting relationships (including international relations).

    What's more, this will be followed by more major shifts in 2025-2026, as Uranus and Neptune will also change signs!

    The world is heading into an important period that may feel like a new era.