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  • Astrology Forecast for June 2023

    The last couple of months had a lot of celestial tension.  So it's nice to see that June is a quieter and more pleasant month.  There are many good days for communication and business pursuits this month.  And, two more planets turn retrograde. Will that impact you personally? Find out in this post.
  • Astrology Forecast for May 2023

    The first 3 weeks of May take us through one tense astrological event after another.  But, the month ends up on a high note, with two extended Opportunity Periods, which is rare!

    And, Jupiter moves into peace-loving Taurus this month. Halleluiah! 

  • Astrology Forecast for April 2023

    March was a big month astrologically:  Saturn and Pluto both changed signs, starting big energy shifts that, in Pluto's case, we'll feel for over 2 decades! 

    April is another eventful month: it brings the eclipse season, and the first retrograde of 2023. Yes, Mercury will turn retrograde on April 21...

    The first two weeks of April have some excellent energies though, including a once-a-year Sun-Jupiter conjunction, one of the happiest, most expansive celestial influences of the year! 

  • Astrology Forecast for February 2023

    February has some very lovely highlights, even though it's a quieter month astrologically.  Now March - in March we will get big celestial developments, with Saturn and Pluto both changing signs. And that's a very big energy shift that we will feel for months to come!  Enjoy the tranquil gifts of February, before things start heating up again. 

  • Astrology Forecast for January 2023

    January starts with Mars and Mercury both retrograde, but the month ends with lots of forward momentum.  All the planets are direct as of January 23!
  • Astrology Forecast for December 2022

    December brings excellent energies to get excited about your year ahead - and then to start making some practical, concrete plans.  It might be best to delay New Year Resolutions until mid-January though.  Mercury and Mars are both retrograde as we welcome in 2023, favouring introspection.  But, if you`re a party animal, the planets have you covered!  The year ends with a Venus-Pluto conjunction: a great energy for a glamourous (and loud) NYE.
  • Astrology Forecast for November 2022

    October was a tense and eventful month astrologically. And November? It’s like this month has a split personality! Tense energies continue through the first two weeks.  And then, some very lovely celestial energies start heading our way! 
  • Astrology Forecast for October 2022

    October is a very packed month astrologically. We’re heading into the most challenging part of 2022. If you have something big and important to do, try to fit it in between Oct. 6-19.
  • Astrology Forecast for September 2022

    The biggest astro-event of September is Mercury Retrograde - which has some surprising upsides, because of the planetary alignments Mercury makes! And, don't miss the New Moon in Libra, on Sept. 25. It packs some amazing energies for love and romance.
  • Astrology Forecast for August 2022

    August comes in with a bang! The much talked about Uranus-North Node-Mars conjunction happens on Aug. 1.Uranus energy is strong throughout the month, as it's getting ready to turn retrograde.  Leo energies are strong too!  Venus is well positioned until Aug. 20, and that's good news for love and finances, among other things.

  • Astrology Forecast July 2022

    July starts and ends with tense energies.  But, it also offers many great dates for Mercury-related pursuits (communication, presentations, contracts and such).  With Jupiter highlighted around the time of the New Moon in Leo, there are some good, lucky days to be had.
  • Astrology of June 2022

    After the dramatic energies of May, we’re heading into a calmer month. Well, until the last few days of June, anyway. Mars and Jupiter are both in Aries, boosting the enterprising spirit and the energy of new beginnings. Three planets change direction this month: Mercury turns direct, and Saturn and Neptune both start on their annual retrograde. And, the New Moon in Cancer just might be the day of the year to set your intentions for a successful home purchase!