Astrology, Tarot and More

  • Full Moon in Virgo: February 2024

    The New and Full Moon come in pairs, in the opposite signs of the Zodiac. But, there is usually a quality these opposite signs share. For Pisces and Virgo, it’s all about healing, and finding balance between discernment and unconditional acceptance. 

    This Full Moon, in Virgo, is the best time of the year to release perfectionism, tendency to judge or be critical of yourself (or others), feeling like you're never good enough, unhealthy habits, excessive weight, and the clutter that doesn’t serve you (emotional or physical).

  • Scorpio Season: 7 Things to Try

    Astrology keeps us connected with the larger cycles of the Universe. As the Sun travels through the Zodiac, each month we get a chance to “try on” the qualities of that sign. When the Sun is in Scorpio, work on self-limiting beliefs, karmic "knots" (your astrological chart will highlight them), and on embracing your power.

    This gorgeous art piece, "Raven Spirit", is by Christine Cholowsky (shared with permission). 

  • Fate or Free Will?

    Fate or free will? This one is a BIG question! How much of our life is pre-determined, and how much can we change? Most of my clients believe in free will, and so do I. 
    "The stars impel but they don't compel", an old astrology saying goes.  A lot of times, we have more free will then we realize.  But...there is something you need to keep in mind.  More in this jaw-dropping story of a client of mine...
  • "Am I Cursed?": Astrology of a Difficult Time

    “Why am I going through such a long and difficult stretch? Am I cursed?” is the question that's come up in many of my readings, over the last couple of years. Spoiler alert: 99.9% of the time, the answer is a "no". But, there are some things to be aware of, astrologically and energetically!