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  • Full Moon in Virgo: February 2024

    The New and Full Moon come in pairs, in the opposite signs of the Zodiac. But, there is usually a quality these opposite signs share. For Pisces and Virgo, it’s all about healing, and finding balance between discernment and unconditional acceptance. 

    This Full Moon, in Virgo, is the best time of the year to release perfectionism, tendency to judge or be critical of yourself (or others), feeling like you're never good enough, unhealthy habits, excessive weight, and the clutter that doesn’t serve you (emotional or physical).

  • Astrology Forecast for March 2024

    March features an unusually high number of long Opportunity Periods, several great dates for love and romance, and a magical New Moon in Pisces. 

    But, as the month progresses, eclipse energies will start kicking in.  The eclipse season starts with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25, but we'll feel the energies building for a week prior.  Finally, as the month draws to a close, Mercury slows down in the skies, getting ready to turn retrograde on April 1.

  • Pisces Season: 8 Things to Try

    As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces Season is about taking a pause from all the hustle and bustle, even if for a short time.  Insights and answers from your intuitive side are close to the surface.  Here are a few things to try during Pisces Season, to help your intuition - and some Divine guidance - enter your life.
  • Full Moon in Pisces: August 2023

    Directly opposite and illuminated by the Virgo Sun, this well-positioned Full Moon invites us to blend the best of Virgoan and Piscean qualities.

    Balance discernment and unconditional love.  Know when to let go of details and to trust Divine Timing.

    And don't forget to set intentions to release procrastination, feeling like a victim, and any tendencies to self-deception. 

  • New Moon in Pisces, February 2023

    All New Moons are good for manifestation,  but this one's power is 10 out of 10. It's conjunct Saturn, helping you bring your dreams into reality.

    And, Venus is superbly well positioned on the day of this New Moon.  It's still close enough to Neptune, and starting to move close enough to Jupiter (we will have a lovely Venus-Jupiter conjunction on March 2: one of the most auspicious days of the year for love or money)....


  • Pluto Turns Direct: Transformation and Personal Power

    To be honest with you, I get a little apprehensive when Pluto is about to visit my natal chart. 

    Yes, I know I will come out stronger than ever after its energy departs. But, I also know that a challenging Pluto transit will bring some major transformation, closing a door so completely that it’s cemented shut. Whatever was behind that door is either gone, or transformed beyond recognition.  It will also connect you with the deepest reserves of your personal power, that you didn't even know you had.

  • Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces 2022

    The upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12 is a big deal! The planetary superpowers are meeting in their own sign, Pisces: the realm of blessings, healing, spirituality, compassion and abundance. The last time they met in Pisces was 1856...


  • Astrology of March 2022

    March is quite complex astrologically, with a lot in play.  It brings some of the nicest energies this year, magical even.  But there are a couple of astro-warnings signs as well. Whatever you do, don't miss the New Moon on March 2! It's THE "make-a-wish" New Moon of the year. 
  • The Astrology of February 2022

    Oh my goodness! February is a very special month. Mercury turns direct on Feb. 3.  All the planets will be direct until Apr. 29 - a big green light for new beginnings. AND!!!! We're heading into an extended Venus-Mars conjunction. Our passion levels skyrocket. Yes, it's about romantic passion - but also, zest for life.
  • Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022: Healing, Spirituality, and Inflation

    Jupiter moves back into Pisces on Dec. 28 2021! This is big. When Jupiter changes signs, opportunities for expansion and luck shift. Where to? Look at the House (=area of life) Jupiter is going through in your natal chart.

    Jupiter in Pisces brings healing and a renewed emphasis on spirituality. It's also great news for all the artists out there! But, it can also bring inflation and a "redistribution of wealth".