Astrology, Tarot and More

  • Past Life in the Natal Chart

    Astrology provides a lot of clues about your soul’s journey, including gifts and lessons you've brought with you from your past life, your life purpose in this lifetime - and if that special he (or she) is a soulmate connection from your past life.
  • Fate or Free Will?

    Fate or free will? This one is a BIG question! How much of our life is pre-determined, and how much can we change? Most of my clients believe in free will, and so do I. 
    "The stars impel but they don't compel", an old astrology saying goes.  A lot of times, we have more free will then we realize.  But...there is something you need to keep in mind.  More in this jaw-dropping story of a client of mine...
  • New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Libra

    This New Moon is also a powerful Solar Eclipse! 

    Astrologically speaking, the New Moon is the time to set intentions for what you want to attract into your life. And eclipses are very powerful portals. Intentions set on an eclipse can manifest fast, but they can materialize in an unexpected way. If something feels stuck in your life, setting an intention on an eclipse may be just what you need.

    If you're not afraid of some twists and turns, today is THE day of the year to let the Universe know that you're ready for happy, harmonious relationships - including romantic relationships.


  • Venus Retrograde 2023

    Venus rules relationships, money, and all things beauty.  When she is retrograde in the skies, there are some things to avoid - and some things to capitalize on!  Read my lowdown about the upcoming Venus Retrograde in proud Leo, including the dates to pay particular attention to.
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Virgo: September-October 2022

    Mercury Retrograde can bring annoying technology glitches, delayed or cancelled travel plans and appointments, and frustrating miscommunication.  And….it also has a huge silver lining. It’s the best time of the year for all things “re”: re-do, re-plan, re-write (or edit), re-connect, repair, reflect.  

    This retrograde will straddle Libra and Virgo, so we can expect relationships to come into sharper focus. 

    But you know what, this Mercury Retrograde brings a number of surprising upsides! Practical resolutions to old relationship issues are possible when the retrograde is over.  And, Mercury makes a couple of unusually long planetary connections that can help in negotiations, research, and working on your self-limiting beliefs.

  • Venus Retrograde 2021

    Venus - the planet of love, money and personal values – goes retrograde on December 19, at 26° Capricorn. It will turn direct again on Jan. 29 2022.

    This retrograde will bring Venus into an unusually long close alignment with Pluto, from Dec. 10 to Dec. 29. Karmic relationships can resurface in your life. And, for those who went through a particularly painful breakup, closure can finally be gained. 

    It's not just about love though. It's also about finances, personal values, beauty procedures and self-care. 

  • Astrology of October 2021

    While Mercury stays retrograde until Oct. 18, October is also the month that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto turn direct. The more planets are direct, the more “go forward” energy is available to us, and the easier it is to get your undertakings off the ground successfully.  Relationships are strongly highlighted through the first 3 weeks of October. Don't miss a very special New Moon on Oct. 6 - fantastic for calling a soulmate relationship into your life.